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Amana movers & packers have been continuing on providing professional, seamless and hassle-free moving and packing services in UAE for so many years. With our expertise in relocation services, we ensure the 100% satisfaction of our valued clients if you will let us assist them in their moving and packing. We provide all types of moving; house, office, restaurant and any other establishments. We can cater the packing of all of your furniture and appliances using our high quality packaging materials that will make your items all safe and damage-free with our customer-centric services, we can guarantee you your safe and enjoyable move to your next destination. Choose the excellent and trusted movers and packers in UAE! Choose Amana!

Our Moving Steps

Amana movers and packers have its own process of the proper moving and packing of your household or office items to your next location. As a professional moving company, we do follow certain rules and process on how we can easily make your moving possible at a given time-frame.

About Us
  • Step 1: As you request for a house and office check, our Supervisor from Amana movers & packers will go and check your place; your furniture, appliances and other items that you are planning to move. We can also fix your curtains and lights so no need to worry because you can really enjoy your moving as soon as you hire us.

  • Step 2: After checking your items, we will be sending you a quotation file through your WhatsApp or email address which includes the services that you will be acquiring and the total amount for the moving.

  • Step 3: Once you are fully decided, you can schedule your moving with us at least 2-3 days before your exact moving date so we can reserve your slot and both parties can prepare in regards to packing their personal belongings, packaging materials to be used and moving vehicles for transferring your furniture and appliances.

  • Step 4: On the day of your moving, you can expect our team to come at the said location at the exact time. We have all the materials that we need and all set to assist you in your moving.

  • Step 5: The work time depends on how many items are you planning to move. If it can be done within just one day just like for 1-5 bedrooms then we can assure you that with the help of our professional team, we can assist and finish it within the day. For offices and other establishments, we highly require scheduling the work as early as possible so we can estimate the time.

  • Step 6: We will pack your items using our high quality packaging materials to ensure the safety of your furniture and appliances. We will also dismantle other furniture that needs to be dismantling for moving. We have carton boxes, air bubble, corrugated and stretch film rolls and etc. We also provide these items if you want to pack all of your personal belongings on your own.

  • Step 7: After packing and dismantling all of your items, we will load it all now to our moving vehicles and transfer it to your new location.

  • Step 8: While we are packing and moving your items, you can just sit, relax and wait for your furniture and appliances to finally reach your new home or office.

  • Step 9: After reaching to the new location, our well-trained staffs will unload, unpack and fix your items. We will also fix your curtains and lights if needed.

  • Step 10: After finishing our work properly, that will be also the right time for you to pay us. As for payment, it can be in cash or through bank; anything that is convenient for you. And now, at this last step you can fully enjoy your moving through our professional and affordable moving and packing services.
Our History

Amana Movers and Packers

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Our mission is to provide a professional, excellent and hassle-free moving and packing services that can create optimistic impressions by giving customer-centric services with our team that will definitely exceed the expectation of our valued clients.

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We envision Amana movers & packers to be the best and trustworthy moving and packing company that is being operated not only in UAE but globally for as we continue on giving our clients an utmost customer satisfaction through our professional services.

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Teamwork – We highly believe that working in a good environment with people who prioritize everyone in the team can able to give excellent services to the clients as it strengthens the relationship within its people and achieve success altogether.
Communication & Transparency – We don’t just work as a team but we ensure that we also have a good communication and transparency that can build and earn trust not only within the teammates or the company but also with our valued clients.
Agility – With our great agility, we can able to fulfill our task easily and fast at the given time-frame.
Integrity – We work with full of dedication, truthfulness and honesty with our team.
Reliability – We continue to build good and long term relationship with our customers through better understanding and meeting their necessary needs that ensures the excellent of our service.

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